Atlas of Malaria-Eliminating Countries

By: UCSF Global Health Group in partnership with the Malaria Atlas Project

In collaboration with the Malaria Atlas Project (MAP) and with funding from the ExxonMobil Foundation, the Global Health Group at the University of California, San Francisco has developed a first-of-its kind Atlas of Malaria-Eliminating Countries. The Atlas displays the geographic distribution of malaria today in those 36 countries that are closest to eliminating the disease — clearly outlining how much malaria remains, and where it is concentrated. Key factors for malaria elimination are visually displayed through maps that link the risk of malaria transmission with climate data, estimate the range of the dominant malaria-carrying mosquito species, and display locations of human populations at risk of malaria. Serving as a tool to aid program managers, policy makers, and funders alike, the Atlas aims to increase global and regional awareness of the malaria situation in those countries eliminating the disease, facilitate the production of more-detailed maps in the future, and make the case for increased resources to achieve countries’ goals of becoming malaria-free.

Download the Atlas of Malaria-Eliminating Countries, 2011 [229M]

Note: Due to the numerous maps in the Atlas, the total file size is extremely large. It is highly recommended that you download this Atlas in sections.

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Sections for the Atlas of Malaria-Eliminating Countries

Introductory sections

Summary tables


Country Profiles

Asia Pacific
Regional Transmission Limits maps

Latin America and Caribbean
Regional Transmission Limits maps

North Africa - Europe - Middle East - Central Asia
Regional Transmission Limits maps

Sub-Saharan Africa
Regional Transmission Limits maps

Ordering Print Copies

The UCSF Global Health Group wishes to make these documents widely available to as many people as possible. In an effort to encourage extensive use, the Atlas of Malaria-Eliminating Countries is available for free download on this website. We have a limited stock of print copies available and are happy to supply moderate requests for shipments of print copies. Please submit your request using the order form.