Who is MEG?

Representing 15 countries from all parts of the world, MEG members serve in their personal capacities and bring expertise across many disciplines – ranging from mapping and modeling, to health economics, to program management. The MEG is a highly engaged group of international malaria experts who strive to develop and disseminate a clear understanding of the intricacies of malaria elimination and what it will take for the world to realize malaria eradication. The MEG is chaired by Sir Richard Feachem, Director of the Global Health Group.

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Why was MEG Formed?

Convened in December 2007 by the Global Health Group at the University of California, San Francisco, Global Health Sciences, the MEG was formed to support and provide practical guidance to the 35 countries at the endemic margins of the disease which are actively pursuing elimination and are working towards national or sub-national goals. The MEG also supports countries that have achieved great success in controlling malaria and are deciding whether or not it makes sense for them to pursue elimination or to continue maintaining high levels of control.

What MEG Does?

Provides Practical Guidance and Advice
Through regular meetings, consultation and debate, the MEG draws on current and past research, individual expertise, and information from country experience to articulate practical evidence and experience-based advice regarding the decision of whether, when, and how to pursue elimination. The MEG strives to identify the requirements, considerations, resources, and strategies required to interrupt transmission and sustain elimination.

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MEG Meetings

The Malaria Elimination Group has met eight times since its inception in December 2007. MEG meeting locations rotate to allow for site visits in elimination countries, and are co-hosted with prominent partner institutions in each country. Since convening, the MEG has held meetings in the United Arab Emirates, China, Mexico, South Africa, Switzerland, United States and Zanzibar.

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Sponsors & Funders

The work of the MEG is sponsored and funded through the UCSF Global Health Group, which in turn is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Significant additional cost-sharing is provided by MEG members’ funders and institutions, which contribute time, resources, and in many cases, travel expenses, in support of their MEG representatives. The GHG and MEG are also grateful to the World Bank’s Booster Program for its support of the MEG Economics & Finance Workgroup in 2008.  

Without the generosity of these many funders and contributors, the MEG’s pioneering work would not be possible.